Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mixed Chicks Revolution Is Spreading!

 Everybody loves mixedchicks™

I, as a blaxican with ridiculously thick and curly hair, use Mixed Chicks hair products. My mom's hair dresser introduced her to the hair care product line and my mother in turn put me on. The products were designed particularly with multiracial curls (and even the mothers who try to tackle them lol) in mind, but certainly can be used on any ethnicity's hair. For many years, I have found it difficult to find products that aren't heavy on my hair and leave it dried out (non-ethnic products) or greasy (most "ethnic" hair products). I love showing off my curls but it was much too much work to make my hair look good AND stay healthy. But then I found Mixed Chicks and my life has changed! Lol no, seriously. The products keep my curls soft and luxurious and oh so fesitive (c)B.Scott! Not to mention, extremely healthy! And we all know healthy hair is GOOD hair. Word to Chris Rock's documentary.

ANYWAY, I say ALL that to say (literally my SOLE purpose for even posting today), I wanted to plug Sister Toldja's (my favorite blogger/blogging feminist) product review from yesterday, Get With This: Mixed Chicks. I think she did an excellent job reviewing the products. I always get excited when I find another person with fabulous natural hair uses Mixed Chicks. I stan for this line all day erryday. So check out ST's review and then get with the curly revolution!!

On behalf of my blaxican curls,

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