Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Freestyle

Can I kick it? As long as that "it" isn't a rock...

Normally on Friday I would do a post on forgiveness or some type of reflection and introspection, ya know, because everybody needs to cleanse and purge their mind and spirit of a long week's nonsense. But I've been purging for many posts now, somewhat unintentionally. And those posts have been long as ever! I'm amazed people have actually been reading them--thank you! Lol. I think the more educated I become the more passionate and long-winded I get. Practicing for writing that 100+ page thesis, I guess. So today, we gon do somethin a lil different. We finna celebrate! Celebrate what? My diivooooorce. Oh wait, what? I ain't even got a man. Nevermind. Brown Sugar moment, sorry. [My brother has been posting BSug vids on my FB wall today, lol. Told ya.]

Anyway...Back to why I'm going to celebrate on this post. This past week has been pretty good for me! No drama, not too much stress, just general run of the mill busyness that goes on in my day-to-day life. Data collection has been good, the morale in my lab is at an all time high this summer and my coworker just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Yay for new life! Also, I got together with all my closest girlfriends in the city for "wing night' (read: for #fatgirlmoments) and we had a blast! Eating, laughing, and loving life. Life has been truly sweet this week and I'm going to bask in this moment since it's a rare occurrence that I don't have a need to vent lol.

That said, today I wanted to just give some shout outs and show some love to some of my people on the nets. I have been feeling so much positive energy from many of the people I communicate with online and I appreciate the optimistic vibe online in addition to offline. So, here goes!

  • Keisha Brown and MsEsquire77--I've been living vicariously through your dates. Your happy and swoon-filled tweets make me giddy and excited that you have found some great guys who are treating you as you deserve to be treated! Yay for new beaus!
  • Cheekie--you have a big head like me and this is why we get along so well! Lol. Thanks for always keeping me in stitches with your foolishness and cleverness. 
  • Ethiopianboy--you're my adversary, my nemesis, my hater and thus I need your opposition to continue to feel great. Keep up the good bad work.
  • Bajanflchick, Beez, Lyness, Muze, N.I.A., Nick, Pattycakes, Sane, Sukez, Tom and everyone already mentioned (or forgotten)--thanks for supporting me in my beginning blogging efforts. I really appreciate you reading and providing feedback. It's so easy to share and be transparent. I don't expect you to always agree, but I am glad we can dialogue without judgment. Thanks yall!!! *confetti & gold stars for Gemmie's readers*

Lastly, I have to put in a huge plug for the blogs I read and enjoy who are nominated for Black Weblog Awards this year!! As you can see to the right, I voted! I encourage you to check out these great blogs and vote as well!
  • VerySmartBrothas (Best Group Blog, Best Humor Blog, Best Sex or Relationships Blog, Best Writing in a Blog)--by far my FAVE blog on the nets. its my home away from home :)
  • Sister Toldja (Best Microblog)--my fave fem blogger and my girl crush
  • Awesomely Luvvie (Best Humor Blog)--Luvvie is ridiculously funny and ignant, gotta love her
  • Ed The Sports Fan (Best Sports Blog)--Ed and Kenny help me keep my sports knowledge up and they have a great blog talk radio show on Wednesday nights at 9p
  • Black Sports Online (Best Sports Blog)--Rob ensures people are hilariously up to date on sports and "lamp breaking"
  • max-logic (Best Int'l Blog, Best New Blog, Best Sex or Relationships Blog)--truly gives a funny and unabashed opinion on dating/sex, so you'll be in for quite a wild ride
  • The FreshXpress (Best Blog Network, Best Blog Culture)


  1. Thanks for the shout out! :)

  2. Yay! I got mentioned! I feel specials! (Yes, specials)
    Anywho, gem you are more than welcome for the support. I really do enjoy your blog and like MsEsquire said you have THE most hilarious hashtags ever. Following you on twitter is sheer hilarity! lol Please keep up the awesome work, know I'm here for & luvs ya! XOXO Stay Encouraged!

  3. @max,
    no prob! i enjoy reading :) but i just realized i forgot to personalize your link, dammit lol *making edit now*

    LOL @ yall liking my hashtags. thanks! btw you are such a sweetie!!! thanks for the support doll, much appreciated :)

  4. omg! i feel like a celeb! just call me keisha kardashian. bruhahaha...

    but thanks! i was sooo resistent to le twitter, but am glad i've been able to join and make use of it in positive ways (plus since most of my fb peeps arent on the list.. i can vent more openly). ;)

    but i'll keep ya posted on how things go (next date is Sunday). I cant keep up with MsEsquire and her sax dude, but im enjoying it so far nonetheless.

    i truly give props to bloggers, cuz i dont have the time/patience to write, i would have ADD to see if people commented etc... so kudos my girl! keep writin, and i'll keep readin!


  5. "We finna celebrate! Celebrate what? My diivooooorce."

    Girl, now you KNOW I loves you for this! lmao


    I know this is just me being stoopid, but tell me this ain't Myspace Tom? Because I cackled.

    And yup, I voted in the Black Weblog awards! I feel so patriotic. I'm going get my cackle of patriots and waves a bunch of flags in this here great country of ours.

  6. OMG- If only I could be "truly outrageous" like you Gem...Thanks for the love & thanks for allowing me a Friday without tears for a change, throwin confetti & gold stars right back at you :-)

  7. I guess I could thank you for the shoutout, but that wouldn't be very adversary-like. I do appreciate our constant battles though. In the words of your kinsman....Andale, andale! Arriba, arriba!

  8. 'Preciate the shout, miss lady!

  9. Awww. Thanks, Gemmie. #Cancerians rule

  10. I enjoy reading Gem.. Thanks for the shoutout.. and for being so transparent..

    Much Love to you..

  11. @kb
    i LOVE the alias keisha kardashian. almost as much as i love swoonami. and again, thanks for the support. your presence here is appreciated!

    lmao no tom is NOT the myspace tom. he has commented on some of my posts. cool guy... and i too felt patriotic for voting in the black weblog lol. its the little things in life that make me feel accomplished.

    i had you in mind when i decided to go tear-free in this post. yay for fun and excitement!!

    NOT andale and arriba! lmao icant....

    anytime :)

    yes, we do indeed RULE

    thanks for reading. and thanks for your appearance on the weblog. keepin up with you and cheekie keep me goin :)