Monday, August 23, 2010

A Case of the Mondays

'Nuff. Said.

So last night at about 11:30p my home girl and I started our drive from the District back to the Burgh, after having only been in the DMV for about 24hrs. At the last minute we decided to do an abbreviated "drop through" the DMV to attend a going away cookout for a friend moving to Cali, and also see some friends who live in the area. The drive from/to PA is ~4hrs, we were staying in Waldorf, MD, and our main destination (cookout) was in Springfield, VA. We basically spent most of our time in the car driving around, trying to cram in as much "to do" as we could in one day. And though the trip was brief, we had a great time stuffing our faces with delicious cookout food (including fried catfish mmmm), spending QT with great friends (one a long lost former Pitt friend now living in New England), and even making time for mani's and pedi's (gotta be summertime fresh).

BUT, needless to say having crawled into bed around 3:30a, I woke up this morning exhausted and somewhat discombobulated. Though, not too disoriented that I didn't reach for my Droid to check my email like I do every morning (I'm so dependent *smh*). To my amusement, my brother had sent me countless videos on facebook this morning. Now see, I made the mistake of introducing my brother to a certain video that I got from @NicknotNikki. And he's completely obsessed with other videos this dude makes. Now, instead of speaking to me in Brown Sugar quotes, he's speaking to me in Jerry LaVigne quotes via text *smh*.

As a [NSFW] gift to you this Monday, I present to you the video that started it all...

I don't know WHYYYYY I cry laughing at such ignance but I've watched this video so many times I almost know it word-for-word forward and backward. And still crack up. Perhaps because I know dudes who actually talk like this, and mean it. I don't know if the videos are meant to be satire or what, but either way I'm entertained. And the facial expressions and background music?! Priceless. I know if the video didn't make you laugh you're looking at me like (-_O). And to that I'd reply, "I ain't ask you shhh. So... who the ffff are you?" Clearly, I have high self-esteem, I'm all for breast cancer awareness, I haven't been shot at or stabbed, I read, I'm educated and do feel entitled to an opinion (hence this blog lol), etc. Yet, these fools have me in stitches. And apparently also have my brother (an educated brotha who appreciates me and women like me) in stitches as well. I'm amazed that people have the time to record these wild videos, and I'm even more amazed at those of us who spend the time to watch these videos... over and over! I mean, I'm already guilty of putting my 2520 co-workers up on Antoine Dodson (I know, I'm a hot mess), do I really need to continue to spread internet ridiculousness? Short answer is, yes, yes I do. Sharing is caring and sh*t.

While I'd love to psycho-analyze myself and my brother for our obsession with complete and utter foolishness (which causes us to enable each other in our outta order ways), but today isn't that day. Hell, its Monday. No need to make the day more serious and lame than it already inherently is. So, instead of having a case of the Mondays, have a case of virtual silliness and waste this useless day away. And then B.S. with me on twitter!! LOL.

How are you spending YOUR Monday? 

Overqualified For Ain't Sh*t Dudes,


  1. I have no ass...
    because i just LAUGHED.IT.OFF!!
    i couldn't even watch Inception again on bootleg because I spent all Friday watching these videos.. so needless to say, when i read "who the f*** are YOU!" i imagined it "that way" and DIED!!!!
    Girl!!!! i'm sorry for showing you this.. but no, i'm not.. we now have our secret language.. like pig latin.. but cooler.. and more millenium specific!!
    Have a great Mondy GEM!!

  2. Love the Office Space pic and yes, LOVE that video. That ish is so damn quotable it's craziness. When he's like "All I'm tryna find out is why you still got your clothes on. Yeah, we just met but....[best comedic pause evah]" he has thee best facial expression when he says "so?". I DIED.

  3. Wow! "if you qualified to get a job at McDonald's you overqualified to be my girl!" Gemmie, Gemmie,'re killin' me

  4. @nick
    seriously, i blame you for introducing me to this ratchetness. and because im not obsessed, my brother is obsessed. and we spend waaaaay too much time sending the other videos and quoting it all damn day. its a disease, and im so mad youve passed it on to me! LMAO but yes, we do have our own language. yay!

    isnt that pic the best?! lol and soooo sums up my feelings about mondays. *smh* yes, that vid is quotable and the facial expressions and delivery is just GENIUS. i e-love them for being so entertaining.

    how can i kill you when im already DEAD??? lol