Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Forgiveness: To Be Free of Foolishness

I'll take 2 of these, and call you in the morning.

I was hoping to start this week focused and disciplined, with my eyes on the prize. The prize being getting back into a fitness and healthy eating routine, as well as completing my thesis proposal to submit to my thesis committee. As I've mentioned somewhat before, I often times lack discipline in different areas of my life and I get very easily distracted (much like Panama Jackson at VSB). So, the plan for the week was to get this semester cracking by setting a few short term goals and working towards achieving them.

Welp... I made minimal progress. Because this whole week I've had nothing but enablers allowing me to lose focus and act a daggone fool!!! Between YouTube (better known as "YouTude" to some) and, well, YouTube, I have spent countless hours laughing, crying, and gasping for air while watching the silliest, most ridiculous hilarity that currently plagues the internet. It almost feels like I've never known funny before, the way I've been slapping my knee and throwing my head back in amusement. How am I supposed to be productive and efficient when I am addicted to internet sensations?? I just can't say NO! I don't sleep, I don't do work, I just watch and laugh! I mean, I'm more equipped to write a dissertation on virtual foolishness than I am dopamine during adolescent development. And what's worse? I'm spreading the madness to others! It's like a viral infection! Can't stop, won't stop (no Bad Boy). I think I may need to form a support group because this is getting out of control.

So, it's only right that I forgive the people who have contributed to my downfall by introducing me to the very ratchetness that has me caught up. Gemmie's Enablers:
  • Cheekie--who is responsible for the tears that fell when I first met 50 Tyson. There is NO reason I laughed so hard and for so long. And now I can't help but randomly bust out saying "I ain't gon lie but I'm Gemmie Tyson, I'm from southeastsandiegocalifornia. I'm a blogger, I was born to be a blogger, that's why I be doin like blogging. And I'm 20 something, and then next year I'll be... What? Yep, yep, I'll be.... REEEEMIX!" 
  • Nick--who is responsible for hipping me to the comedic genius of Jerry and Kain. I featured their joint "What Men Really Want" on Monday. And really, she's not to blame because she was tweeting this vid to some one else, and I intercepted it. Nevertheless, this one simple, yet hilarious vid leads to the forgiveness of...
  • My brother--because he is the reason I now can't stop watching Jerry and Kain's videos. My brother has sent me numerous videos they've made (there are so many, and they are a riot) and now he quotes them all the time via FB and text. Like brother, like sister. *smh*
  • My labmate--who is constantly playing the song "We've Got To Stop The Mosque At Ground Zero" (originally aired on YouTube). The song is filled with ignorant sentiments (dumba$s Americans), but the ish is catchy as hell! Can't help but bob my head and tap my toe to it. "It's a sacred place and that's a cold hard fact!" The lyrics are so painfully unreasonable, yet I find it amusing. Go figure.
  • People who don't know Antoine Dodson--I feel an obligation to put them up on game and explain why I have "Bed Intruder" (w/ 13M+ views! lmao) as my ringtone (#dontjudgeme). If they didn't live under a rock, I wouldn't have to continuously spread the news and further self-indulge in such nonsense. It's not my fault! And just in case you needed an update from A-Dod, here ya go (#thankmelater)
  • You-Muhfrikkin-Tube--it knows what its done to me!!!!!!! *wall slides into an abyss of absurdity*
Have you been victim the time and productivity thief known as YouTube? Do you need to get your life back on track, STAT? Do you have any other people/things in need of forgiveness before you start this weekend?

Dangerously In Love With Foolishness,
~Gemmie Tyson

Just writing this very post I got caught up in a tangled web of YouTube videos (many of which I've already seen) that prevented me from completing this in a timely fashion. I want my life back!!! My future and my dream booty depends on it!! Pray for me yall!!


  1. This is my first time listening to the "We've Got To Stop The Mosque At Ground Zero" song. *facepalm at this nonsense* The guy ad-libbing in the background reminds me of the guy in the "Real Men of Genius" songs Bud Light used to do.

  2. LOL...I am not an enabler! (#liespeopletell)

    But yes, I learned sharing is caring in kinnygarden (yeah, you read that right) so I decided to incorporate that in more facts of life...such as foolery. Of course there are things that people shoudn't share. Like...the herp.

    But anyway, yesssss, I love all of the links provided. My coworker showed me the mosque song and I bout died.

  3. Gemmie, go back to your lab and focus...your PhD is waiting for you...

  4. the great/worst part about summer is that there are so many distractions. the good news, after labour (aka labor for you day - mind frames usually change. Its kinda like the original new years resolutions without the champagne poppin and unrealistic hopes/expectations.
    So allow yourself time to kick back and relax, and then hit the ground runnin (literally) in the fall.
    ps: AD is also my ringtone and i've almost missed calls cuz of it. love it.
    run. tell. dat. homeboy. ;)

  5. ummm, I'm not sure how to feel about being called an enabler.. But you know what, I've been called worse..
    "I share, because I love you."
    I haven't gotten hip to that 50 Tyson business OR that mosque at ground zero video.. (no speakers, eff my life!)
    My enablers..
    Twitter.. sorry, but the fact that I might have real time interaction with people makes me want to keep on watching my timeline and not getting to my writing until I'm sure that everyone's gone to bed.. and/or the Twitterscopes start scrolling..
    My television.. I hate you for showing garbage at the most inopportune times, yet I can't turn away. Even after I saw that episode of The Rachel Zoe Project.
    Myself.. I wish you had more self control.. It takes 28 days to form a habit and I don't like that everyday is Day 1.. Pull it together...
    I look forward to my "pulling it together"
    I'm rooting for you Gem..

  6. @thatdamnafrican
    yeah man, the ad libs are priceless. at first i thought the song was a joke. nope--totally fa real. *smh*

    im soooo dead at kinngarden!!! i used to pronounce it this way as well. *smh* public education, i tell ya lol. but uhhhh you are DEF one of my enablers and i shant stand for it any longer!!! (was i convincing as really wanting help? hope so...)

    my phd has been waiting on me many years now. whats a few more? lol jk, i REALLy do need to get this lab work cracking *finding more reasons to procrastinate in hopes my thesis will write itself*

    idk, labor day is just an extended wknd that further allows me to get comfortable in the relaxed state im in. what i need is for some act of GOD to help me ack right. i really do pray for this....

    lol you are totally an enabler, just like cheeks!! i totally need you to get your sound back so you can enjoy the awesomeness that is 50 tyson--your life will change! and twitter is also my enabler, but its because i follow fools like you and cheeks. so really, it all boils down to YALL!