Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Forgiveness

I've had somewhat of a crazy week, filled with many a side eyes (o_O) and stu eyes (-_O). Despite all the GOOD that came out of this week--my great date, my Wii w/ pink controller as early bday presents from my parental units, the love of God--there were a few people and moments that forced me to reach within my soul to not reach for a box cutter.

But it's Friday. It's almost the weekend. AND it's the beginning of my birthday celebrations. To let go of some frustrations from the week, I figured I'd publicly forgive those who helped cause those frustrations. 

Let the pardons begin!
  • The bus driver who passed me by on Monday. It's bad enough the bus that takes me right to my house comes every 20min, I had just finished working out and it was hot outside. I just decided to walk a few blocks to catch another bus that dropped me off a couple of blocks from my house. So basically, I just walked home. But thanks to that bus driver, I burned calories. And got some color. He kind of did me a favor (that I didn't ask for, but tomAYto tomAHto).
  • The guy blowing up my phone. Remember the guy I met on my way to the gym I tweeted about? Yeeeeeah, about that... He seemed nice but he called me 3 times that day (1x being at 11:30p!!!! wtf?), w/o leaving any messages, and then called me at least 3x/day for a few days. I was busy so I didn't get the chance to call him. But then I didn't want to call him back because I was soooo ANNOYED!! Why would it seem reasonable to blow me up and we just met? I saw that you called sir, like many cell phones my phone has caller ID. I can't stand bug-a-boos!! But thanks, Phone-Stalker, for reminding me to be more selective in who I give my number to.
  • My labmate. I have a labmate who always "yucks my yum". Every time I or some one else in the lab has food/drink that he finds unappealing, he makes NO secret about how disgusting he finds our food as we are about to enjoy it. Just today he said about my pineapple curry, "Ewwwww gross, I wouldn't eat that." Ugh!! I constantly have to tell him to back up and hush up, but he continues to assault most colorful/highly integrated foods, or esp meals containing veggies (which he doesn't eat). Aside from his terrible dining manners, he's at least predictable and consistent, which I can appreciate.
  • My body. I've been doing cardio and strength training all week. And my out of shape, hasn't-been-worked-out-in-awhile body is sore and achy. But if those daggone squats, lunges, machines and weights help get me bikini-ready for Orlando, I can't be mad (unless of course all this pain doesn't pay off by vacay time).
 and lastly... 
  • My d*mn data. *sigh* most days iCant with my data. My experiments are out to destroy my mental well-being. I'm forever plagued with thoughts of "Will I ever graduate?!?" Yet, my advisor hasn't kicked me out of her lab nor has my committee kicked me out of the program. I'm learning something from these #researchfails and growing as a scientist. I shall come out of this #researchhell VICTORIOUS! Dr. Victorious, PhD, that is.
That's all I have for now. What say you? Do any of you have somebody/thing you'd like to forgive for their wrong doings towards you? Or perhaps you just have something to get off your chest so you can start this weekend free of frustration? 

Speak on it. I've already spoken.


  1. I forgive:

    Beltway drivers: you try to kill me on a daily basis but still I rise.

    Bad social workers from the Dept. of Social Services: You make my job harder than necessary but it's helping to hone my litigation skills.

    My bank account: you're always low but you remind me every month that I serve Jehovah Jireh.

    My hips/thighs/lower back: you screamed in pain when I skated back-to-back nights this week but you never let me down.

  2. @Shondriette

    love your list! and yes, JJ def gets props and praise for being a fence around my sad bank acct EVERY DAY!

  3. The biosignals track coordinator for STILL not getting back to me with a date for my preliminary exam. >_< I'm trying to have some kind of summer vacation. While I'd love to just get it over with, this added time has definitely allowed me to make my presentation better. (x3)

    I had to forgive the coordinator 3 times cause that's how annoyed I've been that I still don't know when I'm presenting. Great post, make this a weekly thing!

  4. I'm surprised you had such a bad week considering the great date you had earlier. Then again, I can't blame you for being annoyed with this nonsense.

  5. @thatdamnafrican,
    thanks! i will make sure to make this a weekly thing. its good for the soul. helps us stay classy ;-)

    girrrrrrl this is a mild week for me LOL. i stay offended *smh* anyway... dont YOU have some pardons to make???

  6. @Gem I forgive Slim Jackson and Luvvie for unfollowing me.

    That is all.